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Terms & Conditions

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Apple Mac Kent

Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you have read, understand and agree to them

before engaging our services

  1. 1)       All work brought to us is deemed to be from a private individual unless made clear in advance and 

           accompanied by a formal written order from an authorised company emloyee.

  1. 2)       Unless otherwise agreed in advance, all machines and / or repairs will be demonstrated as working

           on collection / delivery and must be paid for at that time. Repairs will not be released to new

           customers based on verbal reassurances of payment being sent on later.

  1. 3)       Payment by personal cheque are no longer accepted due to changes in Bank guarantees.

  1. 4)       Exceptions to the above may be made, at our discretion, for those individuals or companies that have

           an existing or established trading record with us.

  1. 5)       We will not accept work from private individuals and then release equipment against a verbal request

            to send the invoice to their employer ( see 1 above).

  1. 6)       All machines, equipment & parts utilised or supplied remain the property of Apple Mac Kent until

           debts to us are settled in full.

  1. 7)       Invoices must be settled within 10 working days from date of issue.

  1. 8)       Late, delayed or dishonoured payment will incur a surcharge of 2.5% or £10 per week (whichever is

           the greater). Incurred expenses chasing or pursuing payment will be documented and charged at std    

           hourly rates & added to the invoice surcharge.

  1. 9)       ALL supplied or repaired equipment must be collected within 30 days of notification that it is ready.

           We will contact you once by telephone and if necessary, once by e-mail (if known).

           It is not our policy to ‘chase’ you for collection of your equipment. If you are experiencing problems, it

           is your responsibility to nominate a representative to act for you - This is not a free storage facility.

  1. 10)     Unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance, we reserve the right to (and will in most cases),

           remove new parts from any machine not collected after 60 days without a clearly communicated           

           acceptable reason and dispose of equipment at current trade prices in order to recover our costs.

  1. 11)     While every effort is made to ensure the safety and integrity of your personal data, please note that

           the responsibility for making and maintaining backups lies entirely with the owner.

           AMK will not accept responsibility for data loss arising from damaged or failing equipment, nor the

           the failure of the owner to make and maintain current backups.

  1. 12)     Data Recovery - where a customer requests us to attempt the recovery of data from an ailing or

           damaged storage device, we will usually ask for £100 deposit in advance -  adjusted accordingly

           when the recovered data is collected. This is to cover our costs where customers decide after the        

           event that they didn’t really want the data after all!

Requesting equipment, services or repairs implies that you have read and agreed to the above