Apple Mac Kent

Apple Mac Repair Specialist in Tunbridge Wells, serving Kent & South East

- Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro - Repairs and Upgrades


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Rates and Opening Hours / availability :-

All parts are charged at cost-to-us, you only pay for our time and expertise.

Diagnostics / Dismantling / Repairs are best carried out in the controlled environment of our

workshop whenever possible, (its also keeps your costs down):-

Certain processes such as data recovery / transcription can be very lengthy (e.g. 5 or 6 hours).

If we conduct the work at our premises we can in effect conduct other work while waiting for

yours to complete - i.e. enabling us to reduce your charges for our time.

Standard Rates:       Mon - Fri           9.00 am to 5:30 pm        £30 per hour            (our location)

                                    Saturdays           9:30 am to 4:30 pm        £35 per hour            (our location) 

                                    Sundays                (by arrangement)         £45 per hour            (our location)

                                    weekday eve            (until 9pm)               £35 per hour            (our location)

Call - Outs:               As above but add £5 per hour.  Travel time to/from your premises is chargeable

Tel Support:            Existing customers for ‘quick (5 min?) fixes’:      £ FOC    (at our discretion)        

                                    New customers / extended calls:-                     £35 per hour

Please note:             While it is key to Apple Mac Kent’s business ethos to try and assist people

                                    wherever possible, we are not a free advice line. Recent abuses of this facility

                                   (e.g. ringing mobile phones at 11pm for free advice) are not acceptable.

Out-of-hours collections and drop-offs:

Many of our busy clients find that being able to drop-off and collect equipment outside of

‘normal’ office hours is highly convenient.

We will, with prior agreement, accept /return machines until 8pm in the evening,  Mon-Fri


In dire circumstances we can (and have) assisted clients with urgent problems late into the evening

and into early morning (e.g. 3am).   After 9pm, Rates are £50 per hour, minimum charge £100.


May be available for multiple repairs and / or extended work (e.g. one or two days)

Each case is considered on its own merits.