Apple Mac Kent

Apple Mac Repair Specialist in Tunbridge Wells, serving Kent & South East

- Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro - Repairs and Upgrades


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Mac Pro Towers

Occasional good examples stocked or sourced to order.

Price depends on spec’ required

Typically:   £450 - £1800

Apple Laptops

Always popular and in demand

Two or three used

machines usually stocked

Typical Prices:  £ 300 - £650

Mac Mini

The ever popular space-saver

A few models occasionally available:

Typical Prices:  £225 - £325

Old or Obsolete models

For the collector or where that trusted printer / RIP just has to run on an older system!

Varies  -  £Ring


A few good, refurbished examples usually in stock

Typically  £300 - £800

Accessories:-     Displays  -  Keyboards  -  Mice  -  Power Supplies  -  Adapter cables

Good selection of new and used items  - £Ring   ( 01892 822724 )


No machine is offered for sale unless we are 100% happy with its operation.

Any suspect / worn parts are replaced, the machine is scrupulously cleaned inside and out and then subject to rigorous diagnostic bench testing.

While many of the machines offered are immaculate,  some may have a few cosmetic marks.

Stocks change continuously so please ring or e-mail for up-to-date availability & prices